How to open your gate/garage with your phone

Opening your gate or garage with your phone may either sound great or scary. Allow this article to put your mind at ease and to get excited about having home automation. We need to look at a few factors when choosing a home automation system. These factors include cost, security, and ease.

The cost can vary depending on the specific brand and type of product.

“Fluss for example has a once-off price of R999.00 for the device and no further charges for your home.”

Which is reasonable and you would never need to look at using a remote again. No cost of replacing remotes or worried about having the fear of losing them.

Security is a major concern for everyone.

The device connects to an app on your phone which gives you access and allows you to grant and revoke access to other people. Fluss uses two-step verification to authenticate user identity which provides additional security. This all offers a great security system at the palm of your hands.

The ease of using the device has become so simple because all access runs through your phone which is accessible, on you at all times and have become important pieces of technology in our lives.

With these factors in place the how becomes easy and simple. The device gets installed in your motor and connects to the app downloaded by either the play store or the apple sore. Once downloaded the device connects to the app and you can become the owner which then allows you to grant and revoke access to your personal. The app provides you with a button icon that you touch and then you're in complete control of your gate and garage.