How to keep access logs of your visitors with an app

Home Automation Apps can make our lives simpler in many ways and using an app to keep track of visitors is great. An app like Fluss can help with automation and keep track of visitors. Keeping a visitor's log can help in various ways. This data can be used for security, emergency preparedness, and for analytics.

The security reason is to help know who exactly is in the building in case of any criminal activity has to happen.

The visitor's log can keep track of who it was and of their contact details. Which can assist the authorities.

In case of emergencies in your estate or business knowing exactly whos in the building can help track if everyone is fine and safe. The visitor's log will aid in granting safety to all visitors.

Then finally with data that is collected, we can do different analytics that is appropriate to your business or estate. The various analytics that you can do are for peak times and days for visitors, the average time that vistors are visiting, what events draw visitors to your business or estate. These are but a few of what you can do with your data.

Using access control systems like Fluss will help keep this data all paperless and easy to manage and control. Fluss does not just gather data but all gives access control to the user and their visitors.