Home Automation For Access Control

This may seem to be a foreign subject for most of us but in actual fact it's something that is gaining popularity.

Today operating systems not only make it possible but also easy to control who has access to your home. This may seem great but can we trust in such systems? The simple answer is yes.

With Fluss as a home automation system app you get security, safety and simplicity.

This app provides users with multitude of benefits over access control.

The first benefit is the safety of the app vs the safety of having a remote. The replacement of a lost or stolen remote can be a frustrating process where as the app provides a simpler process by revoking and granting access in minutes. It also provides access only to those who its given to and only the users may provide visitors with access, making it the safer option.

The second benefit is the ability to receive an exact list of people who have acquired and gained access. This is a security measure which can better and deepen the knowledge of whose coming in and at what times.

Finally, Fluss gives you the ability to grant and revoke access at any time. The app allows you to grant access on specific dates and times. This is great for guests coming over or possible house sitters.

These features provide the user with the security, safety and simplicity all in one app. The transition moving to home automation apps is an easy and worthwhile one.